Barcol-Air’s original dates back to 1932 when the BARBER COLMAN COMPANY (USA) started to develop central air conditioning air distribution products and control systems.

In 1982 BARBER COLMAN USA a leader in air conditioning systems and controls established Barcol-Air as their European subsidiary. From then on Barcol-Air has grown its capability and expanded its operations throughout the world with an ongoing commitment to excellence in air conditioning product and system design.

From its beginning Barcol-Air has specialised in designing, developing and realizing the perfect indoor thermal climate with commercial air-conditioning systems. Working closely with clients, consultants, architects and research organizations. Barcol-Air seeks to create an indoor climate which offers an optimum in terms of comfort and energy efficiency.

The company has grown its reputation and worldwide operations based on their expertise in commercial air conditioning system and component design with emphasis on advanced low energy systems particularly:

• Variable and Constant Air Volume Systems (VAV/CAV)
• Chilled Beam Systems
• Chilled Ceiling Systems

Research into improving our indoor environment with low energy systems and the development of new products are key to the ongoing development of Barcol-Air’s leadership capability.

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