Zhejiang King Refrigeration Industry Co., Ltd. located in Zhejiang Shangyu, China was founded Mr. H. K Chen in 1963 in Taiwan. The success of Kingair manifested its product quality, branding, customer recognition, enterprise capital operation strengths and the altitude.

Kingair with more than 65+ years history has number of “first” honors. Kingair Refrigeration is the world class top three train air conditioner manufacturer and the first ranking domestic train air condition manufacturer in China market. Kingair also fabricated the first nuclear power plant static air conditioner chiller units.

Kingair patented Air Handling Unit structure with tenon and double pillar is the most innovative AHU, specially designed as a solution to overcome various kind of AHU structural weakness currently offered in the market. All metal elements in the cabinet are isolated by the PU foam panels and with new designed rubber rib seal to prevent thermal bridge. The structural and PU foam panels  form an entirety and tightened together by bolts and nuts fastener and then sealed with a rubber seal to give a good air leakage solution of the unit to only 0.16%. The panel side frame patented design structure, connected by tenon and double pillar ensures the support strength of cabinet.

Kingair patented frame AHU has complete function with easy and flexible section combination, air volume ranged from 1000~3,00,000 m3/hr. It is widely applied in Hotel, Stadium, Exhibition Hall, Commercial, Metro, Airport and etc. It is also specially designed for Pharma, Datajustify, Food Industry and Chemical application projects.

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