Air Handling Units


H & M Air Handling Units (HMA Series) are designed to best in class engineering standard to satisfy the requirement of heating, cooling, ventilation, dehumidification and air distribution.

Our AHU is designed for application ranging from demanding indoor air quality applications like schools, hospitals, office buildings, malls & multiplex to large air-conditioned factory areas for industrial needs. For process requirements of Pharma manufacturing and clean room for semiconductor manufacturing, we have high filtration, ultra-low vibration solution based customized AHU. We also cater to niche areas like sound recording studios, high performance buildings desiring to go for green building certification. All units are suitable for Indoor & Outdoor installations.

HMA series are available from 1000 cfm (472 l/s) to 60000 cfm (28318 l/s) nominal air flow rate against total static pressure up to 8” wg (2000 Pa). For special requirement, customized engineered solutions are available.

HMA series can be offered in various types such horizontal floor mounted, vertical floor mounted, ceiling suspended and customized two-tier applications in draw through and blow through design.


Key Features :


  • Flexible, modular construction cabinet
  • Low leakage class Face and by pass dampers
  • Customized design to suit application
  • Optimum size Mixing box section
  • Externally painted galvanized sheet and Internally galvanized surface
  • Double sloped drain pan
  • Available in variable coil casing and drain pan material
  • High efficiency filtration material
  • Suitable for high indoor air quality application
  • Fan types available are with forward, backward, aerofoil, plug fan and with EC fan design
  • Suitable for low noise & vibrations areas
  • Motor compatible with frequency inverter (VFD) and  thermistor
  • Compliance to CE & EN 1886
  • Available with electrical heater
  • Optimum coil design through AHRI approved selection software
  • Sound attenuator/ silencer can be provided as per NC Class
  • AMCA-certified high efficiency fans
  • Energy recovery section ( heat recovery wheel and heat pipe)
  • Accessible and ease in maintenance
  • Suitable UVC lamps provided based on need
  • Damper in low leakage class
  • SMART Integrated AHU Controller
  • Direct, Indirect, Hybrid Evaporative Adiabatic Cooling options


AHU selection software is used to design customized air handling unit for optimum selection and integrated data output report.